LBB Online: Andrea Price Joins The HumbleBrag as Chief Imagination Director

Andrea Price talks to LBB Online about her appointment at The HumbleBrag as Chief Imagination Director.  

After more than a decade in digital marketing, most recently at Tommy Hilfiger as Global Digital Marketing Director, Andrea Price did the unimaginable; she quit her job and took a year off. 

On LinkedIn her explanation reads:

“Sometimes a girl has to go into the wild, meet new people and figure out what she wants her life to look like.”

Today, she has joined The HumbleBrag, a thought leadership agency specialised in PR and strategic communications. The HumbleBrag was founded in 2017 by Lucy von Sturmer (aged 30) and works exclusively with purpose-driven agencies, companies, NGOS and brands.

While Lucy and Andrea met 10 years ago in New Zealand, they reunited in Amsterdam and it’s their shared vision for living a life in line with their purpose that lit the spark. They both value risk-taking, thinking outside the box, and fearless leadership. Speaking of the role, Andrea says:

“I want to be a good person and working for a purpose-driven company with purpose-driven clients helps me to live that. It’s great to go to bed each night knowing your being authentic.”

The HumbleBrag

What does an Imagination Director do?

“I would love to say: I just imagine stuff all day. In reality, I am working with Lucy helping to turn her vision into client services and build the kind of company that we are proud of and enjoy working for.”

While it’s personal for both, Lucy and Andrea also understand their proposition makes good business sense. A recent WARC report reveals that a whopping 8/10 consumers believe businesses bear as much responsibility as governments for driving social change. “The masquerade of marketing is crumbling,” says Andrea.

“Brands can no longer stand behind glossy images and well-written copy to sell products. The modern consumer is calling bullshit. Today, if you want people’s attention, you better have something interesting to say.”

In response to this, The Humble Brag calls for ditching the corporate, faceless tactics of yesterday and meeting this growing call for authenticity head on.

Not only do they believe this is key to personal happiness, but brand relevance too.