Detoxing Fast Fashion

Today marks a momentous day for those in sustainable fashion. Seven years after Greenpeace launched the Detox Campaign, calling on all fast fashion retailers to address hazardous chemicals in their supply chains, a new report has been issued.

It states:

“The 80 fashion companies that committed to cut hazardous chemicals from their clothing production by 2020 have all achieved significant progress.”

While there is still much to be done, with the report stating that 85 % of the textile industry is still not doing enough, the progress achieved so far is worth celebrating. As Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability at PUMA SE explains:

The launch of the Detox Campaign in 2011 was a clear wake-up call for the whole industry.

The Detox Campaign was the first to challenge big clothing brands from all sectors to take responsibility for the environmental impacts of their manufacturing supply chains.

At The HumbleBrag, we are proud to work alongside ZDHC to amplify their achievements and articulate their positioning on topical issues.

In a recent opinion-editorial in Sustainable Brands, Executive Director Frank Michel notes that while the topic of sustainable chemistry can be complex or confusing, it needs to be further prioritized. He says:

Perhaps we don’t see “effective chemistry” headlining sustainability events because people find the topic complex or confusing.


Whatever the reason, sustainable chemistry is an urgent issue and must be included as part of a holistic approach to finding circular solutions for the fashion industry.

Finding new solutions to this complex challenge, and convincing an entire supply chain to adopt them, is no easy feat.

We congratulate the ZDHC team on their tremendous effort so far and look forward to further supporting this cause.

Download the report ‘Destination Zero: seven years of Detoxing the clothing industry’ here.