NGOs & The Power of a Good Story

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with global NGO Solidaridad, the founders of fairtrade, to edit their newsroom and craft more compelling stories.

Working across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, we’ve trained staff on how to write more coherent articles, and how to introduce a stronger point of view in writing. 

Today we presented a webinar to empower global staff to take these lessons forward. While we taught tangible lessons on writing and craft, we also emphasized the power of a good story.

The truth is, whatever sector you are in, you still have to work hard to gain the attention of your audience.

Even if your work improves the lives of millions of people, as does Solidaridad, you still need to answer the age old question of your audience: “why should I care?”


Our mission at The Humblebrag is to empower change-makers to amplify their voice. For Solidaridad, we secured coverage for International Women’s Day in Sustainable Brands and wrote and pitched opinion-editorials as has been featured in Daily Coffee News.

While the main focus of our work lies in designing and executing PR campaigns, we work directly with internal teams to ramp up their strategic efforts too.

We thank Solidaridad for this fantastic partnership, and look forward to following their progress! 

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