ACE Collective: Bringing Together Bold People Doing Brave Things in Amsterdam

Leave your ‘game face’ at home, and come prepared to share trials and triumphs to inspire others in the creative community along. 

This was the invitation sent to a select group of entrepreneurs in Amsterdam who gathered at Your Space last week for an intimate night out. 

Outside of The HumbleBrag offering, the ‘Amsterdam Creative Entrepreneurs (ACE) Collective’ is a curated group of more than 150 independent professionals with the goal of bringing together bold people doing brave things in this fine city. 

The main idea is to foster peer-peer knowledge sharing and, in the spirit of a true collective, we invited last week’s crowd to list the skills and lessons they’d like to share with others going forward. 

We were overwhelmed with the response, with people listing skills such as lessons around the circular economy, public speaking, marketing, and video storytelling!

Along with the team at Your Space, we are excited to be providing a platform and place for people to share their voice. 

If you’d like to join, sign up to The ACE Collective mailing list or join the FB community here.