The ZDHC Foundation Reflects on Working Towards “Mission Impossible”

In the latest Eco Textile Magazine, Frank Michel, Executive Director of The ZDHC Foundation reflects on his journey driving forward a global initiative with a mission that some have termed “impossible.”

He says:

“Since its formation, the ZDHC Foundation has observed a paradigm shift in textile chemical management. While the path has not always been clear, progress has been made. Greenpeace says in its report that 80 fashion companies have made ‘significant progress’ in cutting hazardous chemicals from their manufacturing operations.

It has taken great effort to arrive at this point, but the truth is that the greatest challenge still lies ahead. To ensure sustainable chemistry becomes the norm, we need to be able to point the market in a new direction.”

Eliminating hazardous chemicals from the value chain has never been done at this scale – some have called it mission impossible. However, as Frank outlines in this opinion-editorial:

“We now at an exciting moment where the potential to transform the way business is done is a reality, and more importantly, to protect both people and the planet.”

Read the full article via Eco Textile News here.