ACE Expands – Announcing 2019 Plans!

The workforce is changing. As more and more people choose to go independent and build their own ventures, the demand for peer-peer knowledge is growing. 

The Amsterdam Creative Entrepreneurs (ACE) Collective is a grassroots initiative responding to this call. It is the collective efforts of Lucy von Sturmer, Founder of pr consultancy The Humblebrag,  Natalie and Melissa Fiorenza, co-founders of inspiring meeting space Your Space on the Herengracht and Rosa Koolhoven, Freelance Brand Designer. 

What began as a curation of creative professionals over ‘pot luck’ dinners to share knowledge and tools has expanded to a community of over 200 people on facebook and a mailing list of more than 150.

In 2018, a series of elaborate dinners were hosted with the mandate to “bring together bold people doing brave things in Amsterdam.”

On November 18th, a sold-out full-day event featured three speakers and tangible tips on topics such as design, finance and market growth.

Key speakers were:

Catalina Gouverneur, Graphic & Visual Designer, who empowered the audience with the best tools and frameworks to make your own website and promote your business or products online.


Joseph Anderson, Founder of instagram platform Mighty Scout, who shared lessons on going from product to market and how to turn your idea into mocks, prototypes, a service, and finally a product while selling it at every step.


Because every entrepreneur can do with tangible tips on money, Kadryie Özkan, Founder of Fiska, a tax advisory consultancy, offered advice on how to develop a money mindset and build financial growth.


In 2019, we want to hear more about the personal journey’s of those who’ve grown a venture to learn from, and be inspired from their tales.

The programme will include a series of events featuring inspiring change-makers and curated dinners for entrepreneurs to collaborate and connect.

Sign up, and stay tuned!