Lab Rooms Empathize It Podcast: Unlocking The Power of Now

In the the latest podcast of ‘Empathize It’, Martijn Boomsma, CEO of Lab Rooms shares his vision of how to truly inspire and engage employees.

Lab Rooms’ mission is to unlock the passion and creativity of its clients through strategic single or multi-day experiences. In 2018 alone, the start-up conducted more than 250 Lab Rooms across The Netherlands, Italy and Dubai with clients such as KLM, WWF and AkzoNobel.

In this episode, Martijn outlines why Lab Rooms is on a crusade against inefficiency, frustration and the ‘smoke and mirrors’ consultancy model. He says:

“People have stopped using their intuition and become ‘email zombies.’ Although they may have studied something they were passionate about at University, all too often, we see that when they join the corporate world, their passion disappears.”

“The current model for coming up with new ideas and problem-solving is out-of-date. By engaging all players in the process, and everyone around the same table, we can speed up the process of development and innovation.”

“In a nutshell, we offer solutions for gaining valuable business insights fast.”

Martijn believes intuition is the most under-tapped resource in people’s personal and professional lives and outlines how, by harnessing the power of now, magic can happen.

Take a listen of the full episode here.