Ditch The New Year’s Resolutions & ‘Design Your Life’

Amsterdam-born Lab Rooms expanded to London this week with its new ‘Design Your Life’ programme helping people to live happier, healthier lives. Launched just in time for The New Year, the ambitious startup is calling on people to ditch the resolutions. As featured in LBB Online.

Can a set of proven methodologies inspired by design thinking help you to improve your life? This is the premise of a new half day programme released by Lab Rooms, a startup that helps companies unlock valuable insights fast.

The ‘Design Your Life’ programme was launched in The United Kingdom on Saturday Dec 22 at the Covent Hotel in London.

Building on the company’s results-driven approach, participants undertake rapid research, prototype alternative lives, and walk away with a minimum viable product.

The programme was designed by 25 year old chief experience officer Grace Houghton who says:

“I’m not a career counsellor, I’m not a life coach and I’m not a therapist. I’m an experience designer that helps companies come up with new solutions every day. Now with Design Your Life we want to help individuals do the same.’

Design Your Life guides participants through a series of exercises that help them reconnect with their intuition and happiness. The session begins with meditation and is structured to unlock hidden insights.

While Grace doesn’t like to give too much away about the programme, she says:

“The concept of the one ‘perfect life’ is the enemy of many alternative ‘better’ lives. Many of us hit roadblocks or are confronted with surprises along the way. Rather than feel a sense dissatisfaction with our lives, what if we could empower individuals with tools to remain agile along the way?”

At a time when many are reflecting on the year, and beginning to set new goals, Design Your Life offers an alternative to New Years’ resolutions, which – according to US News – 80% of people give up anyway.

Co-founder Femke Storm adds:

“Design Your Life is a hands on exploration using logic to self-identity simple things that you happier and healthier. We help people stay agile, rewrite the rules, reframe problems and stay alert for alternative possibilities. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of their personal mission and tangible steps on how to take action.”

The next Design Your Life Launch events are scheduled in Amsterdam on December 29th and Florence January 26th. In 2019, the startup plans to host three Design Your Life sessions per month Europe-wide.