“Wanting healthcare for all people isn’t a conspiracy, it’s just the right thing to do” says Alencia Johnson, Director Public Engagement of Planned Parenthood.

Alencia was fortunate to grow up with health insurance and credits this as a key element to her success. She says:

“As a teenager, I had whole suite of people around me, from therapists to doctors, and this instilled a deep awareness that access to healthcare = access to opportunity. I didn’t realize it was a privilege, instead of the fundamental right it should be, until I went to college.”

Today, working for Planned Parenthood, access to healthcare is an issue Alencia remains close to. 

“Women are told be likeable, but if you have strong ideas, the only way to remain likeable is to remain invisible.” 

When Creative Director Laura Visco began working in advertising at age 19 in Argentina, she was the only female creative.

“I was told I was lucky to be there, so for many years I just sat in the corner and did the work.” Today, nearer to 40 than 30, she’s found her voice.  

“I don’t give a shit about being likable anymore, and it turns out I have a lot to say!”

Melissa Mbugua was once told to “keep her hair straight, and be a good girl.” Today, she laments this advice as “absolutely boring!”

Speaking about her journey to entrepreneurship, Melissa describes it as somewhat inevitable. 

“I was always told my perspective was weird. I love questioning things, and finding new solutions.”

Today, through her business, MNM Consulting, Melissa helps others to do the same. She supports small businesses in the creative industries to scale, working across media, design, publishing and fashion. 

With more and more brands claiming to “do good,” it can be difficult for consumers to know which are being honest and which are simply dishing marketing spin.

On the last day of Sandra Capponi’s participation in Fashion for Good’s Acceleration Programme, we sat down to learn a little bit more about her recently released Good On You app and her personal journey towards fighting for change.