Andrea Oliver, International Programme Manager for Solidaridad Network, highlights the urgency of finding new solutions. This opinion piece was originally featured in Daily Coffee News, with a distribution of 30,000 newsletter subscribers. 

More than 10 years ago, I began working in London for a coffee importer focused on producer empowerment. During this time, the company identified the speciality market as a great opportunity to improve producer livelihoods.

Frank Michel, Executive Director of the ZDHC Foundation articulates his support for the recently released CEO Agenda. This article was originally published on Sustainable Brands.

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Earlier this year, the Global Fashion Agenda released the CEO Agenda for the fashion industry.It highlights the “efficient use of chemicals, water and energy” as a core priority for immediate implementation. However, while chemical management is listed high on this agenda, time and again, the importance of this topic is not reflected in key conferences and events.

This campaign for NGO Solidaridad was included in Sustainable Brands.  An excerpt of this coverage is included below. 

At a moment when the world is beginning to more fully acknowledge the power and voice of women, big name brands and organizations are using their influence — and some creative marketing — to shed light on issues such as the gender pay gap and the lack of opportunities for women in STEM.