At The Humblebrag we work with a select roster of purpose-driven clients.


HarrimanSteel is a brand experience agency in Amsterdam founded in 1999. Over the past two decades, the agency has worked with a range of bespoke lifestyle and cultural brands such as Patagonia, TOMS, Sonos, and Nike and is famed for crafting bold ideas that transform everyday transactions into intimate commerce. HarrimanSteel continues to be led by original Co-Founders Nick Steel and Julian Harriman, and is supported by a team of creative strategists and strategic creatives. The Humblebrag supports with ongoing PR and thought leadership placement.


LabRooms is an innovative start-up with a unique proposition. They’re not facilitators, they’re not consultants, and they’re not an agency; but in many ways they’re all three. LabRooms offer one-day sessions on a range of areas to help companies unleash “the power of now.” As their proposition grows, LabRooms is rolling out a programme for everyday people to ‘Design Your Life.’ The Humblebrag supports LabRooms with ongoing PR and thought leadership placement.


The ZDHC Foundation oversees implementation of the Roadmap to Zero Programme and is a global industry collaboration of currently 111 contributors within the sports, fashion, luxury and outdoor industry. Its goal is to eliminate the global supply chain of hazardous chemicals. The Humblebrag supports the leadership team with thought leadership placement.

We also partner with brands on a range of one-off campaigns or shorter projects.